“Architecture is a labour of love. We are passionate about art, architecture and living.”
Alyas Latif Architecture


 Who we are:

A creative London-based practice providing design consultancy services encompassing architecture, masterplanning and design 

 What we do:

Combine creativity, strategic thinking and design to create memorable spaces. 

 Who we do it for:

Clients who appreciate the value of design, we work together to embed it in planning, briefing and communication of the building and the end users. 

Design Consultancy

Alyas Latif Architecture is a creative London-based practice providing design consultancy services encompassing architecture, master planning and design. Alyas Latif established AL-Architecture in London in 2012 as an international design practice, offering services in architecture, interior design, master planning, landscape, urban design and building consultancy within Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas.

We provide full architectural and planning services for large and small-scale projects across a range of sectors, including Art & cultural buildings, mixed use buildings, investment offices, corporate headquarters, urban design, masterplanning, retail developments, entertainment complexes, education facilities, institutional facilities, healthcare facilities, residential facilities, hotels, resorts, conference centres, museums, renovation, transportation.




At AL Architecture, we are driven by the idea that architecture must create positive change.  As an architectural, master planning and design consultancy, we know how to “inspire change”, through strong leadership, design innovation and collaborative engagement with clients, consultants and industry specialists.  Our designs are striking and innovative as they are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

We believe that our international experience, coupled with our multinational background, gives us the ability to solve design problems efficiently within a fixed budget and time frame and with the high level of design quality that is fast earning us our international reputation. 


Areas of Architectural and Design Expertise

With a growing world population, aviation and transport is becoming a crucial aspect of urban and suburban development. Our design team understands that transit is only as strong as the connections it makes to its users and surrounding developments. We design flexible and adaptable transit environments that support change as user capacity evolves and technology matures over time. Our design team and experts can deliver a range of environments­, such as masterplanning, architecture, renovation, space planning and interior design of terminal and ancillary buildings.




Norman Manley International Airport, Kingston Jamaica

We design cultural and leisure environments that balance functionality with timeless quality. Our cultural and leisure centres provide symbols of the time in which they were built. These are buildings that serve their users and communities, today and well into the future. With a range of services from architecture and planning to interiors and branding, our design team can deliver a range of environments—museums, hotels & tourism infrastructure, resorts, spas, sport and leisure facilities.


Culture & Leisure









We design flexible and adaptable schools as well as academic environments that support change. As education and technology opportunities evolve and mature over time, our design team and experts can deliver a range of environments that house flexibility, in order to enhance the academic experience.



The well-being of the patients and staff is at the heart of our healthcare projects, we design flexible and adaptable environments that support technologically advanced facilities and innovation. Our design team and experts can deliver a range of environments, such as masterplanning, architecture, interior design and healthcare planning.



Our architecture and interior design team work with our clients to identify their design goals, schedule requirements and budgetary parameters. From initial client meeting through to occupancy, our team develops a design that is sensitive to the vision developed through our collaborative engagement with the clients, consultants and industry specialists.

Interior Design


Culture and Art are at the heart of our regeneration projects whether we are developing large-scale land plans or rejuvenating a community in which people live, work and shop. The sense of civic and community pride plays an important role in bridging the gap between public and private interests in our masterplans. Our design team and experts can delivers a range of environments, such as masterplanning, urban design, urban regeneration, sustainable urbanism, landscaping and infrastructure.




Drawing from our broad range of expertise, our design team ensures to strike the right balance between retail, residential, workplace and civic uses to help ensure people are in the right place or a memorable environment.

Mixed Use


Our expertise in office towers and headquarters design is driven by our in-house research, which includes: design management, sustainability design and computation design. We aim to provide integrated design solutions that strategically, culturally and aesthetically fit our office towers into their urban contexts. Design management helps us to strategically understand our client, their brand and the organisation. We design places that facilitate workplace innovation and a culture of collaboration. Integrating the “brand” into physical surroundings to broaden a more meaningful experience for the users, be it the client, employees or customer. Sustainable design helps in achieving the challenging targets set by building regulations, planning requirements, BREEAM and LEED. We support and promote sustainable design innovation recognizing the inter-dependence of the architectural and engineering design components of our projects. Our interdisciplinary collaboration with architectural and industry specialists is important in developing sustainable design concepts within our projects to fit our clients’ goals. Computational design helps us strategically test our ideas from two dimensions into three-dimensional modelling of our buildings. This is an integral part of our design process in innovating, testing and prototyping. Benefits of BIM (Building Information Modelling) include consistency across drawings and schedules, accurate 3D visualisation  and the ability of our designers and experts to work collaboratively in a 3D database.


Our residential designs embrace sustainability, emerging smart technology principles, a sense of civic and community while creating a vibrant place to live. We can design high-density projects, urban apartments, luxury flats, senior housing, residential interiors and academic housing that create community and form crucial links to retail, transport and workplace hubs.