Garyounis University in Libya a project of LDY-2000

 Garyounis University Campus, Benghazi, Libya

A sustainable master plan with an architectural development of new faculties for 12,000 students to an existing 400ha campus. The brief was to develop a sustainable development strategy and a master plan for the existing 400 ha University of Garyounis campus to meet demand to 2025. The immediate aim was to provide additional facilities for a further 9.000 students to the current 36.000 student population. The development plan sets out the principles for expansion on the campus addressing transport, waste, water and energy management, movement and public realm to deliver a compact pedestrian orientated campus. The transportation solution provides a campus shuttle bus service which creates a car free inner campus core that will improve the pedestrian experience through a sheltered high quality public realm, ideal for the Libyan climate.


 A project of


Llewellyn Davies Yang

Alyas Latif was involved while working at LDY


University of Garyounis


University  Campus,


400ha campus


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