Alyas Latif is actively involved in the design and supervision of each project from initial concept stage, through planning, construction and completion, working directly with the group of project architects and their architectural teams. For us “Design” is not purely a conceptual exercise, our projects are grounded in the practicalities of building use and construction, and our design approach is driven by the desire to deliver, the need of the client and the user requirements.


Our design process starts with listening to you the client and users. Throughout we want to engage in conversations and pose clever questions ask a great deal to understand your needs and aspirations. Through meaningful dialogue we will develop the use of the building with you. Investigate, analyse, test and refine ideas, nurture a process of discovery so that as we grow together we develop the project and become more insightful. We then generate design-led solutions that are distinctively tailored to their context, function and the needs of you and your users.


We are adaptable throughout the design and construction process. Whatever the size or purpose of the project, our teams are formed to take your project from inception through to completion ensuring continuity of brief and design intent. We are a highly collaborative practice, within our project teams as well as in the way we work with clients, consultants and industry specialists. Our architectural concepts are conscientiously investigated, tested and refined through collaborative, hands-on process. As a result we create buildings that are uniquely connected to their context, function and the needs of the end users.


The principle of creative leadership and mentoring individuals is essential to the goals, objectives and culture of the practice. It is the process in which life within the practice reinvigorates itself. We believe successful mentoring breaks down hierarchical boundaries to foster creative thinking and collaboration. How we communicate is as important as what we communicate, mentoring is not just simply passing on information but a process in which character, enthusiasm, trust and leadership are built.


Collaboration with artists, architects, designers, clients and industry specialists underpin the values of the practice. Our approach is strengthened by the diverse background of the individuals within the practice and the bringing together of a broad range of thinkers and collaborators that lead to bringing about the best design solutions.